Welcome to the PimaCare At Home Tucson Blog


Back in the day, young men hated to get a letter, which began with that word. Why? It often was from the Selective Service System, and meant that the recipient had been drafted into the Army! Well, it no longer has that same connotation, does it?

Today, I use the word to welcome you to our new website, blog, and social media presence. I also get more help from eXp Realty if I need assistance in terms of putting my social accounts to the best use.

PimaCare At Home is a non-medical home health care company, providing a range of attendant care services for persons in need of such assistance to enable them to remain in their own homes, rather than going to a care facility.

Whenever possible, it is far better for a person in need of assistance with daily living tasks to remain in their own homes, supported by trained and compassionate caregivers. In addition to helping the individual remain healthier and happier, it is far less expensive to provide such care in the home than in a central care facility.

As a relatively new company, formed in December, 2010, we do have a highly experienced and well trained staff. We are a nurse-run company, with RNs and LPNs providing the overall supervision, training, and program direction to the Direct Care Workers who provide the on-the-spot services to our clients.

Please visit our Facebook page and “Like” us there, follow us on Twitter, and read our blogs to stay up with what’s happening with the Company. In future blog posts, we will provide more detail about our services and our caregivers, as well as our nursing staff.

To your good health!

David R. Updegraff, MSW, Ph.D.