Types of Care

We serve residents of Pima county in need of our services (see below).  We serve clients who are medically eligible for our services by ALTCS guidelines, and clients who wish to pay for our services directly.

The level of care and service that is available is based on the needs and desires of the individual person receiving our services. Based on an initial discussion of your needs with an assessment by licensed staff, our services can include:

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Below are more detailed description of the services we offer.

Personal Care


Does the client need assistance with bathing?  Perhaps a bed bath for the client who is bedbound, or help into the bath tub or shower if that is the preferred method of bathing, or stand by assistance for the individual who is independent but may be fearful of falling? Does the client have difficulty with balance or with standing?  In such situations, basic equipment can be used such as a shower bench or tub bench and a hand held shower head that will provide safety and comfort.  PimaCare At Home Caregivers provide gentle assistance in these areas.


Does the client need assistance with a shampoo while in the shower or at the sink? Setting or drying his or her  hair? Brushing and combing hair? Cleaning teeth or dentures? Shaving? Filing nails? PimaCare At Home can assist clients with all of these personal care tasks.


Assistance with clothes, shoes, special devices or prosthesis?  We can help!

Transfers and Toileting

Does the client need assistance  getting into or out of bed safely? Into a wheelchair?  A Bedside commode? Or to the bathroom? Transfers can be standby assistance, or assistance for those individuals who can stand and bear weight and pivot  (or turn) to sit in a chair or a wheelchair, perhaps a minimal physical lift, or use of a mechanical lift.

Nutritional Assistance

Need assistance in planning and cooking meals, assistance with setting up food, cutting food or feeding?  We can help to ensure that our clients receive proper nutrition.

Homemaker Services

PimaCare At Home Caregivers are prepared to assist clients in all of the following areas:

Light Housekeeping

Dusting furniture, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, washing dishes, changing linen, making beds, routine cleaning of household appliances (stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator).


Washing, drying and folding clothing and linens, ironing of clothes when they cannot be worn otherwise.


Shopping for groceries and appropriate storing of food; picking up medications or other household items.

Companionship and Supervision

Need reminders to take medication and assist with self medication such as opening the medication bottle? General monitoring to prevent falls or other potential injury? Sharing activities such as conversation, games, reading, outdoor activities?  PimaCare At Home Caregivers are trained and experienced in all of these areas and enjoy assisting their clients to live comfortably in their homes.