Why Select Us?

happy older copy with a tabletWhy select PimaCare at Home?

» Our caregivers are experienced, compassionate, qualified, trustworthy individuals specifically trained in all areas of caregiving.  All our caregivers are ready to provide quality services, going above and beyond for you and your family member.

» We are committed to be your trusted choice for non-medical personalized home care services, helping to keep you and your loved one living as independently and as safely as possible in the comfort of home.

» For family members who live near their loved one and are overseeing or providing the caregiving themselves, we are available to provide additional caregiving and/or respite care as needed or desired.

» PimaCare At Home staff and caregivers have many years of experience in caregiving and are committed to and passionate about providing the highest level of care and service to our clients.

» Our supervisors and caregivers clearly understand the strains placed on family members when an individual requires care, and we can help alleviate that strain.

What is the Process?

Referrals may be made by the individual needing care, parents of children with a disability in need of care giving, adult children of aging parents and/or parents with a disability, licensed fiduciaries, attorneys, friends, or anyone acquainted with the prospective client may initiate a referral for care.

» When a referral is received, a supervisor visits the prospective client’s home to conduct an assessment of the client’s needs and wishes

» If the client’s family member(s) are not present and wish to be included remotely, this can be arranged with the client’s permission

» An individualized care plan is developed based on the assessment and discussion, including the fee schedule for the services (Fees for our ALTCS clients are not charged back to the client)

» The client and any family member(s) are integral participants in the plan development and participate in the selection of their personal caregiver.

» We build as much flexibility as possible in to the Care Plan so that if unanticipated needs arise, the Direct Care Worker has some limited flexibility to go beyond the plan.