Take Time For YOU!

This blog is written for all those who provide care to others, including PimaCare@Home Direct Care Workers, family caregivers, and others.

Take Time for You!

As a company with compassion, we know that caregivers have to take care of themselves. If they don’t do that, how long can they continue to care for another? How will they have a life for themselves?

Taking care of oneself is not a selfish act.  It allows you as a caregiver to take better care of your loved one who is a family member.  It enables you as a Direct Care Worker who cares for one or more clients to have the energy and spirit to provide that care. Caregivers do have the right to do some things just for themselves. We encourage our caregivers to do just that!

Here are just few ways that you can take care of yourself:

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Eat a well- balanced diet
  • Exercise – take a short walk outside
  • Take care of yourself physically
  • Take a break every day, 10 minutes will help you feel refreshed
  • Talk to a neighbor, friend, church representative, or another family member every day
  • Ask a family member to cover for you or use respite hours so you can go to a movie, out for a meal, to meet friends, read a book, or whatever it is you might like to do for yourself.
  • Smile, or laugh, about something every day
  • Start a hobby and spend time on it

Please share with me how you take care of yourself! E-mail me at ceo@bestcareathome.net, or call me at 520-243-8082.  I look forward to hearing about how you are taking care of yourself!

David R. Updegraff, MSW, PhD



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